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Did you know that your level of optimism can predict your health outcomes? Having a positive outlook is linked with longer, healthier lives and faster recovery rates. On this episode of The Model Health Show, you’re going to hear the science-backed benefits of being optimistic. 

Our guest today is Dr. Sue Varma. She is a psychiatrist, cognitive behavioral therapist, and the first medical director and psychiatrist at the World Trade Center Mental Health Program. Her book, Practical Optimism, is a scientific roadmap to improving your mindset and building emotional resilience. On today’s show, Dr. Varma is sharing valuable insights into how optimism can help you reach your goals and optimize your health. 

You’re going to learn how optimism can impact your brain health, cardiac health, and longevity. We’ll talk about realistic steps to label and express your emotions, how to break the cycle of negative thinking, and so much more. Dr. Varma is a true wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of mental health – and this interview is a powerful resource I hope you will utilize. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The connection between optimism and longevity.
  • What it means to be a practical optimist. 
  • How our emotions can influence our habits and our health outcomes.
  • The purpose that emotions serve. 
  • What your sleep can tell you about your mental health. 
  • Why shame is one of the most powerful emotions.
  • The importance of labeling your emotions. 
  • How cultural differences can affect the expression of emotions. 
  • The number of facial movement combinations humans can express. 
  • Why we often need to identify our cultural conditioning to make room for acceptance. 
  • How social media use can be toxic. 
  • The connection between excessive social media use and depression.
  • What the 4 P’s of pessimism are. 
  • The difference between pessimism and healthy skepticism. 
  • What percentage of optimism is genetic. 
  • The definition of the ostrich effect. 
  • How optimism can improve your brain health, cardiac health, and more.
  • The 4 steps to break the cycle of negative thinking.
  • How to harness the power of acceptance. 

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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