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For decades, breakfast cereal has been a cornerstone of American mornings, served in homes and schools across the country as the highly regarded “most important meal of the day.”  Cereal is often marketed as heart-healthy and full of vitamins, but cereal companies have a long track record of deceptive marketing practices, including making healthwashing claims and preying on innocent children. 

On this episode of The Model Health Show, you’re going to learn the truth about the cereal industry, including their misleading marketing tactics and a decade-by-decade rundown of cereal’s strange origins. You’ll hear the weird reason why cereal was created, and how it became popularized in American culture.

You’re also going to learn about the ways that modern-day cereal impacts your health and your children’s health. You’ll discover the downsides of consuming excess sugar, food dyes, and pesticides. Most importantly, you’ll learn about better alternatives to breakfast cereal, including the importance of a whole foods diet, and what to eat for better metabolic health and more energy. I hope you enjoy this episode on the strange history of breakfast cereal! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The frequency of Kellogg’s advertisements that air during children’s programming. 
  • What percentage of ads aimed toward children had poor nutritional quality. 
  • The sneaky loophole cereal companies use to lure in children. 
  • How the ingredients in cereal can impact your hormonal function. 
  • The weird origins of breakfast cereal. 
  • How Kellogg’s and Post became household names. 
  • The history of added sugar in breakfast cereals.
  • How sugar consumption influences testosterone levels.
  • The truth about marketing claims on cereal boxes.
  • What healthwashing is. 
  • How the 1950s marked a new era of marketing to children.
  • Why artificial food dyes in ultra-processed foods should be avoided. 
  • How much sugar you can expect to consume in a bowl of cereal.
  • What percentage of cereal companies’ budgets are targeting children. 
  • The shocking number of food advertisements children are exposed to before age 5.
  • How cereal mascots are created to establish trust and connection with kids. 
  • The major problems associated with glyphosate. 
  • Which cereal was found to have the highest levels of glyphosate. 
  • The power of eating whole foods. 
  • How a high protein breakfast sets you up for success.   

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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