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In today’s world, our kids are up against a whole host of lot of factors that are threatening their overall health. Our modern environment presents threats like the accessibility of ultra-processed food, repeated exposure to chemicals like pesticides, and the overuse of medications that are harmful to human health in excess. If we want to raise healthy, strong children who can face these challenges head on, we have to help them build resiliency – and that’s exactly what you’re going to learn on today’s show.  

Today’s guest is Dr. Elisa Song. She is a Stanford, NYU, and SCSF-trained integrative pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert. She’s helped thousands of families get to the root cause of their kids’ health concerns by bridging the gap between conventional medicine and functional medicine. Her new book, Healthy Kids Happy Kids, is a comprehensive, evidence-based guide to whole child health. 

In this interview, Dr. Song is sharing so many valuable insights on children’s health. You’re going to learn what every parent needs to know about using antibiotics, how to get to the root cause of common ailments, and how our children’s mental health is influenced by their gut health. Dr. Song is also sharing her five science-backed, foundational behaviors for raising healthy, happy kids. This interview is full of tangible advice that I hope you will use to help your children thrive. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Dr. Song got into the field of pediatrics. 
  • Why our modern environment is hurting children’s health.
  • What percentage of antibiotics are inappropriately prescribed. 
  • How antibiotics affect an infant’s microbiome.
  • The ripple effect of antibiotics during infancy. 
  • How polypharmacy occurs and its impact on overall health. 
  • Why microbial health should be considered before taking any medication. 
  • What the purpose of tonsils is. 
  • How to search for the root cause and avoid a tonsillectomy. 
  • The different ways gut problems can manifest in the body. 
  • Why the first 1000 days are foundational to a child’s microbiome. 
  • How a baby’s microbiome is established. 
  • The truth about taking daily probiotics. 
  • How breastmilk promotes a healthy gut microbiome. 
  • The power of creating microbiome resilience. 
  • Three things your child should eat for microbial health. 
  • How to deal with picky eaters. 
  • The importance of breathing to regulate your nervous system.
  • Five foundational things we can do to create healthy, happy kids (and adults!) 
  • How to take advantage of the stress performance curve and build stress resilience.
  • What the most important prescription for life is. 
  • Which biomarker works in accordance with your gut microbiome health 

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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