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Have you ever considered what actually creates energy in your body? We often chalk our daily energy up to how we slept the night before, but there are so many more components that allow us to feel good and reach optimal health. On today’s show, you’re going to learn about how factors like your relationship to the sun, your time outdoors, and the health of your microbiome can impact your energy levels. 

Dr. Casey Means is back on this episode of The Model Health Show to share more powerful insights from her new book, Good Energy. She’s here to unpack some of the major causative agents of our chronic illness epidemics and simple, practical solutions we can all implement for better metabolic health, mitochondrial function, and energy levels.

You’re going to learn about the link between circadian rhythm and whole-body health, how to eat in a way that supports your cellular health, and how metabolic dysfunction underlies every health crisis our citizens are facing today. This interview is full of empowering stories, cutting-edge science, and tangible lessons you can use to optimally power your body. So click play and enjoy this interview with the brilliant Dr. Casey Means! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why humankind is experiencing an energy crisis.
  • What percentage of American adults are metabolically healthy. 
  • The importance of respecting your circadian rhythm. 
  • How to heal your relationship with light and the sun. 
  • Three specific ways to retrain your clock genes. 
  • How much time the average American spends outdoors. 
  • The surprising science behind spending time outdoors and BMI. 
  • Why we must recognize our place in nature to find true health.
  • The connection between food, structure, and function.
  • Why consistency in your eating patterns matters. 
  • How your cellular activity influences your overall health. 
  • Why freezing food is beneficial from a nutrient standpoint. 
  • The critical role of the microbiome.
  • What it means to match your cellular needs with oral inputs.
  • Five things to incorporate in every meal. 
  • What you can learn from your cravings. 
  • The power of eating whole, unprocessed food. 
  • How to find awe in our food. 
  • What insulin resistance really is. 
  • How to eat for good energy. 

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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