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When you think about the major drivers of weight gain, you probably consider things like nutrition and exercise. But there can often be a lot more going on the scenes that can contribute to weight gain or weight loss resistance. On today’s show, you’re going to learn how stress can act as an epigenetic controller that influences your propensity for storing fat.  

You’re going to learn from three brilliant experts in their respective fields on why things like hormones, thyroid health, trauma, and the overall impact of stress can influence your weight. You’re also going to take away specific action steps you can use to increase your body’s stress resilience. 

This episode is full of insights like how your cortisol levels affect your metabolism, how the right kinds of exercise can help you overcome weight loss resilience, and some of the most common misconceptions about the role of stress in our bodies. Click play to learn more from the incredible Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, and Dr. Izabella Wentz. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The critical role your endocrine system plays in regulating your weight. 
  • How excess stress hormones like cortisol can lead to weight gain. 
  • Why a history of trauma can alter your stress response system. 
  • The downstream consequences of trauma. 
  • How insulin, stress, and weight gain are connected. 
  • Which hormone is the master of your stress response. 
  • What percentage of people have dysregulated cortisol levels.
  • Why adverse childhood experiences can affect your physiology into adulthood.
  • Which health practice is non-negotiable for healing from stress and trauma.
  • Why our beliefs about stress matters.
  • Major misconceptions about how stress impacts our bodies.
  • How exercise sensitizes your brain to pleasure. 
  • What the joy gap is. 
  • How your muscles act as an endocrine organ. 
  • The warning signs of adrenal fatigue. 
  • How stress can slow your metabolic rate and make your body store fat. 
  • The impact chronic stress has on the adrenal stress response. 
  • How to rebalance your stress response. 
  • Why nutrient void foods can make your body conserve energy. 
  • The important role of getting quality rest. 
  • Which types of exercise are best for restoring adrenal health. 

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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