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Time is not toxic. Just because the days roll by on the calendar, does not mean that you have to be sentenced with years of sub-standard living and loss of function.

New York Times bestselling author, and superstar physician, Dr. Sara Gottfried is here to blow your mind with the latest research on aging. You’re going to learn firsthand how to ensure that your healthspan--the amount of time you live with good health and normal function--is as long as possible. This information will be valuable to you for a lifetime (and a much longer, healthier lifetime at that!). So, click play, take good notes, and become Younger!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The triggering event that led Dr. Gottfried to focus deeply on the aging process.
  • Why the experience of aging starts in your muscles.
  • How your muscles are actually a fat-burning endocrine organ.
  • What normally happens to your blood sugar as you get older.
  • Why it’s critical to extend your healthspan as long as possible.
  • How our various organs age differently.
  • Why it’s vital for us to have a continuous means of emotional release.
  • How traumatic stress genes can get activated and passed on to future generations.
  • What fascia is and how energy can get clogged up in your system.
  • How sex can counter the effects of stress.
  • Why exercise can be a valuable gene reset.
  • The surprising percentage of your genetic expression that you’re in control of.
  • Which glorified “fat gene” might be influencing your health (and what to do about it!).
  • The specific gene that influences detoxification (and how it affects your partying).
  • Which gene codes for how you carry and process cholesterol.
  • What Dr. Sara recommends for your carbohydrate threshold.
  • What specific markers you can use to measure your healthspan.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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