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There’s a big movement in our culture today regarding body positivity and self-love. On a broad scale, things are changing. Clothing brands are removing retouched images from their ad campaigns, the entertainment industry is casting a wider range of body shapes and sizes, and social media influencers are beginning to take the emphasis away from the highlight reel and instead focusing on what’s real and authentic. 

But changing the conversation around body positivity is no easy feat. While things are shifting across the board, there are still so many people who define their worth by the number on the scale and are focused on their perceived flaws and insecurities. Steph Gaudreau has one of the most influential voices in this space. Her personal story is an incredible testimony of overcoming negative self-talk and breaking free from an unhealthy relationship with food, exercise, and body image. 

Today you’re going to hear Steph’s journey through navigating and changing her relationship with her body. You’re also going to learn some of the insights and philosophies that Steph uses to help women embrace their bodies, proudly take up space in the world, and to wear the shorts. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The power of challenging your negative self-talk.
  • Why the scale is not a good measurement of health or success.  
  • How Steph transformed her relationship with food and fitness. 
  • What it means to wear the shorts. 
  • The struggles Steph faced while naming her book. 
  • What it means to move with intention. 
  • The difference between loving your body and embracing your body. 
  • What drove Steph to shift her career from recipes to a four-pillar health philosophy. 
  • How to fit exercise into your lifestyle, and not vice-versa. 
  • The importance of having gratitude for your body.
  • Two different types of muscle growth, and how they work. 
  • The main pillars of the Core 4 (and how they can help you become happier!)
  • What mindset encompasses, and why changing it can be so difficult. 
  • The importance of having a purpose outside of yourself.
  • Why shifting the focus away from yourself can help you grow. 
  • The power of giving an honest compliment.

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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