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Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Today, I want to apply that sentiment to the pandemic that our society is facing. As we seek solutions to a public health crisis, it’s important that we take a deeper look at the contributing factors that got us to this level of distress.

On this episode of The Model Health Show, we’re diving deep into the pieces of our country’s health crisis that are not being analyzed. You’ll learn about some of the underlying health epidemics that have made our population more susceptible to the pandemic. 

Most importantly, you’re going to hear about how to use this time as an opportunity for change, and how understanding the root cause of our issues can lead us to a better, stronger, healthier way of life. My intent is that this episode inspires you to take action and make a difference on an individual, grassroots level so that together we can affect lasting change. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What percentage of COVID-19 deaths were related to a preexisting chronic condition. 
  • The number one factor that leads to chronic illnesses. 
  • How many Americans are clinically obese. 
  • The difference between an epidemic and a pandemic. 
  • How the obesity epidemic in the US affects our children. 
  • Which country has the highest consumption rates of soda. 
  • How many pounds of sugar the average American consumes per year. 
  • What our body fat is comprised of, and how it has changed over time. 
  • The biggest issue with the US healthcare system.
  • What percentage of Americans are on prescription drugs. 
  • The link between insufficient sleep and heart disease. 
  • How a sedentary lifestyle can lead to developing diabetes. 
  • The effects of human connection on our hormones and neurotransmitters. 
  • How stress can actually change your biochemistry. 
  • What a psychosomatic illness is, and why our society is predisposed to them. 
  • The top three causes of death in the US. 
  • Which organ is the most responsible for drug metabolism. 
  • How you can preorder my new book, Eat Smarter. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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