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We know that chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and autoimmune diseases are major risk factors for severe illness from COVID-19. But there are several other factors that influence your susceptibility to COVID-19 and other contagious diseases—and chances are, you’ve heard very little about them from the mainstream news or government entities. 

On this episode of The Model Health Show, we’re diving into five major risk factors for COVID-19 that you’re not hearing about. You’re going to learn about lifestyle habits and behavior shifts you can incorporate today to boost your immune system, including quality sleep, vitamin D supplementation, activity level, and more. You’re going to hear the studies on immune health and real, sustainable practices you can implement to lower your risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes. 

If there were ever a time to focus intensely on our health, that time is now. It is a time to be empowered, nourished, and strong. I hope this episode arms you with evidence, knowledge, and tips you can use to support your health and the health of your family. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What polypharmacy is. 
  • The percentage of US citizens that are on prescription medications.
  • Which prescription drugs specifically can lead to severe COVID-19 outcomes.
  • What psychoneuroimmunology is. 
  • The link between COVID-19 infections and psychological stress.
  • How physical activity can protect you from infections.
  • Two specific immune parameters that can be improved by simply going for a walk.
  • What immunosenescence is. 
  • The connection between vitamin D levels and COVID-19 outcomes.
  • Real food sources of vitamin D.
  • The role that sleep deprivation plays in infections. 
  • How many Americans are sleep deprived.
  • Which immune system parameters increase through quality sleep.
  • What circadian medicine is. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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