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The emerging field of stem cell therapy offers hope for the future of medicine as we know it. Under the umbrella of regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy aims to repair damaged cells in a process that lowers levels of inflammation and modulating the immune system. Unfortunately, at this point in time, very few stem cell therapies are accessible to the general public, but the body of evidence is growing to support regenerative therapies to improve a myriad of ailments and diseases. 

On today’s show, you’re going to hear from one of the pioneers in the space of regenerative and precision medicine, Dr. Robert Hariri. Dr. Hariri is a surgeon, biomedical scientist, and entrepreneur. He also co-authored the #1 New York Times bestselling book, Life Force, alongside Tony Robbins. His knowledge and expertise in the field of stem cell therapy is unmatched. 

In this interview, you’re going to hear the science behind placental stem cell therapies, and the multiple benefits of regenerative medicine. We’re diving into the function of the immune system, stem cells, natural killer cells, and so much more. Get ready to take notes, because this episode is loaded with invaluable information on the future of healthcare and enhancing your body’s natural healing capabilities. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The role of stem cells in embryology.
  • What the process of differentiation is. 
  • Why stem cells are like a master boot disc. 
  • How your environment can influence your DNA.
  • The history of stem cell therapy. 
  • Why replacement stem cell therapy is not scalable. 
  • How Dr. Hariri began researching placental stem cells. 
  • Specific roles and functions of the placenta.
  • Why the placenta is like a 3D printer.
  • How Tony Robbins used regenerative strategies to repair his joints.
  • Why the immune system is an intelligence system. 
  • How the body’s inflammatory response works. 
  • Why our healing capabilities slow as we age. 
  • The role regenerative strategies play in immune health.
  • How immunomodulation works. 
  • The important duty of natural killer cells in the placenta. 
  • How stem cell therapy performs against infectious diseases. 
  • Why autoimmune diseases often improve during pregnancy. 
  • The importance of considering the safety profile of a treatment plan. 
  • Why many patients do not benefit from the standard of care. 
  • What the main tenets of precision medicine are. 
  • An interesting comparison between aviation and healthcare. 
  • The power of becoming the chief executive officer of your health.
  • Four prerequisites for living to 100. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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