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Because life is full of ups and downs, from time to time we all need a change of perspective, inspiration, and a reminder of how powerful we are to affect change. Personally, when I find myself in need of wisdom, guidance, and a general mindset shift, one of the first people I turn to is Dr. Michael Beckwith. Dr. Beckwith is one of the most sought-after meditation teachers, speakers, and thought leaders.

On this special compilation episode, I’m bringing you two of my favorite interviews with Dr. Michael Beckwith. You’re going to hear about topics like setting an intention for your life, how to create lasting change, and upgrading your mindset. This episode is about tapping into your personal power to create better results, how upgrading your awareness can change your life, and how to improve your results by simply changing the questions you ask.

You’re also going to learn tools for changing your internal dialogue, how to reclaim discipline, and so much more. My intention is for this episode to arm you with empowerment, growth, and mindset shifts to help you reach your goals. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work.
  • Why interconnectedness is a crucial part of service.
  • What discipline actually is.
  • The definition of intention deficit disorder.
  • How meditation can help you upgrade your awareness.
  • The importance of having a driving intention in your life.
  • Four stages of personal growth & why growth isn’t linear.
  • Why pain is a great catalyst for change.
  • The power of asking yourself empowering questions.
  • What it means to align your speech with your goals.
  • Why social media is a symptom, not a problem.
  • What the virus of the mind is.
  • The relationship between fear and the immune system.
  • Where solutions come from.
  • How fear prevents creativity and innovation.
  • The difference between healthcare and sickcare.
  • How imagination leads to real change.
  • The power of taking responsibility for your assumptions.
  • An important question to ask yourself during difficult times.
  • What compassion actually is.
  • How we can create a better future.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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