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Millions of people worldwide are struggling with the effects of estrogen dominance. It’s a growing epidemic that’s connected to obesity, fibroid tumors, cancer and more, yet most people have no idea about it.

This episode is focused on lifting the veil that’s been hiding estrogen dominance. Today we’re going to break down one of the major causes of significant health problems today, plus provide life-changing tools and strategies so that you can truly take back control of your health.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How estrogen dominance and cancer impacted the life of my family and changed the course of my career.
  • What enables estrogen to make cancer tumors grow (this is important!).
  • Why there’s an epidemic of unjustified hysterectomies being done today.
  • What some of the little known side effects of a hysterectomy are.
  • What estrogen actually is (there’s 3 of them!).
  • How men and women produce estrogen differently.
  • How fibroid tumors and endometriosis work.
  • What aromatization is and how it works.
  • The critical role that estrogen plays in men’s health.
  • What xenoestrogens are and how they function in our bodies.
  • Where the most prevalent sources of xenoestrogens are found (you need to know this!).
  • Which hormone altering compounds may be in your personal care products.
  • How stress influences estrogen levels.
  • The interesting role that estrogen plays with your sleep quality.
  • What roles digestion and elimination play in estrogen dominance.
  • The 5 biggest keys to prevent and reverse estrogen dominance.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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