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You’ve probably heard the statement before that “health is wealth”. But what does that mean exactly?

I believe that it’s a statement summarizing the fact that when you have your health, you have possibility. With good health you have the clarity, the vitality, and the energy to submit your will in life, and do the things that make your life worth living.

Without good health, everything in life can seem exponentially harder. And I know this from firsthand experience. It’s so much harder to have clarity and direction, there’s a feeling that something is holding you back, and mustering up the energy to do even small things is an enormous task. Health is wealth because it moves you more gracefully out of limited thinking. As our health improves, so does our energy and optimism. You start to feel richer (or, at least, more capable of becoming richer!).

Now, what if we flipped the statement around? Wealth is health? Would it still hold up as a fact? Well, our guest today will not only show exactly how our financial health impacts our mental and physical health, but also shares some ESSENTIAL strategies to build up your monetary muscles and ensure that you are fiscally fit.

Dr. Michael Roizen is the author of eight NY Times bestselling books, he's the Chief Wellness Officer at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, and he's just an all-around incredible human being. I was so excited that he wrote his latest book tying in the deep connection between our health and our finances. With The Model Health Show we want to provide a model for being healthy and happy in every area of our lives. From fitness to finances, from food to family, all of it matters, and all of it makes us who we are. I’m honored to share Dr. Roizen’s wisdom with you here today. Just click play, take good notes, and put these things into action!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why having a longer lifespan can be a stressor financially.
  • How long the average American born today should expect to live.
  • What being born to splurge means.
  • Some of the surprisingly similar ways that we approach our health and wealth.
  • How healthcare spending by age-range has changed.
  • Important physical metrics to track as you age.
  • How to give yourself a fiscal physical.
  • What 5 financial habits you need to be fiscally fit.
  • How to create a protective financial shield around your family in the case of an emergency (this is a must!).
  • Why your primal programming will eventually beat out your willpower.
  • Which hormones cause you to feel hungry or feel satisfied.
  • Why simply trying to stop a bad habit is a bad idea.
  • How many of life's greatest stressors are financial.
  • Why conventional stress management practices don't work well for financial stress.
  • What stress actually does to your body.
  • Why all stress isn't bad for you.
  • The fascinating science of work and how to make work healthier!

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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