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There’s an epidemic happening in our society right now. No, not the one regarding our skyrocketing health issues. This epidemic is even more pervasive. It’s a silent epidemic takes a person’s life while they still continue to live. Symptoms include not having a big enough vision for one’s life, not taking inspired action, and not having fulfillment in multiple areas of life. This epidemic is a condition known as playing small. And today’s the day we find the cure.

This powerhouse episode features Andy Frisella, the CEO of one of the fastest growing supplement companies in history, and someone who’s quickly become an international icon for success. He’s definitely had his own struggles (with his health, finances, and more), but he’s found the specific action steps for achieving incredible prosperity in multiple areas of life. He’s here today to inspire you to think bigger than you ever have, and provide some valuable tips and insights to get you to your goals with speed.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The surprising way that caffeine affects your metabolism.
  • The one and only stroke of luck Andy attributes to his success.
  • How Andy decided to pursue the supplement industry.
  • Why the cheapest is never the best.
  • How the law of attraction plays into our results in life.
  • Why the drive for material wealth can lead to something much bigger and impactful.
  • How putting your focus on something meaningful changes your brain.
  • Why it’s important to be honest about what you want.
  • Why being wealthy and being an ethical person are not in a position of one another.
  • The incredible story of how Andy gained and lost over 100 pounds and the valuable lessons we can all gain from it.
  • Why food addiction can be more complicated than alcohol or drug addiction.
  • How social accountability can have a huge impact in your fitness.
  • Why the disciplines to create a successful business or a fit body are very similar.
  • Why there might be an issue with the new movement for body acceptance.
  • How to effectively expand your connections and influence.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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