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During these unusual and challenging times, it’s more important than ever to take care of our minds and bodies. Unfortunately, the data is showing a different reality; more and more Americans are turning to the comfort of processed and packaged foods. Specifically, cereal brands have seen increased sales across the board in recent months. 

As a longtime cereal lover, I have a deep understanding of the nostalgia, joy, and comfort that can accompany a bowl of cereal. But I also want us to have a better grasp on the health implications, marketing ploys, and the complex history of the advent of breakfast cereals. Today, you’re going to learn about cereal’s strange origins, including a decade-by-decade summary of how cereal became so engrained in our society.    

We’re covering the bizarre facts that led to modern-day cereal, the truth about fortified breakfast foods, and the marketing ploys that continue to drive cereal sales today. Cereal is a pervasive piece of breakfast culture in America, and today you’re going to learn how it became popularized. More importantly, you’ll gain an understanding of how cereal impacts your health, how to incorporate healthier choices, and a more ideal way to start your day. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How the quarantine has increased sales of processed foods.
  • The truth about fortified food products.
  • How breakfast foods have evolved over time.
  • The odd history behind the advent of breakfast cereal.
  • How hormones are influenced by sugar intake.
  • The link between breakfast cereals and outlandish marketing claims.
  • How television changed advertising for cereal brands. 
  • What a gascromatagraph is.
  • The problem with artificial flavors and colorings.
  • How many commercials about food children are exposed to by age five. 
  • What percentage of food companies’ marketing budgets are aimed towards children.
  • How cereal mascots create brand loyalty with consumers.
  • The shocking differences between eating a high carb and a high protein breakfast.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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