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Today more than ever, there are a wide range of factors in our society that are diminishing our overall health and disrupting our sleep quality. From our subpar food quality to constant access to the internet, making poor health decisions has become the norm. But if you want to make better choices, what’s the lowest barrier to entry? That’s what you’re going to learn on today’s show.

On this episode of The Model Health Show, you’re going to hear my interview with Chris Williamson on Modern Wisdom. This interview covers a ton of ground; you’re going to hear about the major factors that impact your sleep quality and how to optimize your night routine for a better night’s sleep. You’ll learn about the influence your relationships and your culture have in influencing your health outcomes. 

We’ll also dive into the topics of circadian medicine, nutrigenomics, longevity, and so much more. If you want to improve your health and sleep better, this episode is full of actionable steps you can implement today. So click play, listen in, and enjoy the show! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What circadian medicine is and why it matters. 
  • How many Americans are regularly sleep deprived. 
  • The relationship between sleep and metabolic health. 
  • How testosterone levels influence sleep quality. 
  • Why your nutrition impacts your genetic expression. 
  • How artificial light affects your sleep. 
  • One of the fastest ways to improve your sleep quality. 
  • The two precursors for melatonin. 
  • How your culture influences your health decisions. 
  • What percentage of the average American’s diet is ultra-processed foods. 
  • The various forms and roles of vitamin C. 
  • What the #1 determiner of longevity is. 
  • How eating dinner with your family can improve your health.  
  • Which foods are the densest sources of naturally occurring melatonin. 
  • The truth about evening screentime. 
  • How to temper down stress before bedtime. 
  • The best superfoods for optimizing your sleep. 
  • What obesogens are. 
  • How to minimize exposure to microplastics. 
  • How to make health easy and normal. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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