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Over the last few decades, the human environment has changed significantly. We’ve introduced new technologies, foods, and inputs into our daily life such as the widespread use of antibiotics, ultra-processed foods, and much more. But what we’ve overlooked is that rapid and extreme changes to our environment have had a negative effect on our microbiome and our overall health. Today’s guest, Tim Spector, is one of the leading experts in the world on the microbiome.

Tim Spector is an award-winning scientist and author with an expertise in epidemiology, nutrition, and the microbiome. As the leader of the largest study on identical twins, Tim has a wealth of knowledge on the impact genetics and environment have on human health. On this episode of The Model Health Show, he’s sharing fascinating insights from his newest book, Food for Life. You’re going to hear the latest science on how our nutrition impacts our microbiome ultimately dictates health outcomes.

In this interview, Tim is sharing the science behind the human microbiome, including its connection with the immune system, cravings, allergies, and so much more. You’ll learn about how your diet and environment influence your gut health, and tips to support a healthy microbiome. This episode is packed with incredible information on the link between diet and microbial health, and I know you’re going to take away actionable steps to improve your health.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What digestion transit time is, and what it can tell you about your health.
  • How your gut microbes act as little pharmacies.
  • The many roles and functions of the human immune system.
  • How allergies occur, and why their rates have skyrocketed in recent decades.
  • What blastocysts is, and its surprising impacts on human health.
  • How your microbes can dictate your food cravings and preferences.
  • The real science behind how taste works.
  • Why consuming fermented foods is associated with better health outcomes.
  • How to exercise your taste buds.
  • Details of the Zoe Health Study on Covid-19 symptoms.
  • The truth about the calories in, calories out model.
  • How ultra-processed food impacts your microbiome.
  • Interesting facts about how identical twins’ microbiomes can vary.
  • The importance of having a diverse diet.
  • Five tips to support a healthy microbiome.
  • How many plants you should aim to eat per week.
  • The impact polyphenols have on the microbiome.
  • How to utilize time-restricted eating for gut health.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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