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The human endocrine system is comprised of an entire network of organs and glands that control a myriad of processes in the body. Your endocrine system creates and releases hormones that control everything from your metabolism to your sexual function. And while the body is designed to filter out exposure to chemicals, our modern society is constantly bombarding us with plastics and fragrances that can disrupt the way our endocrine system is designed to function.

New York Times bestselling author Darin Olien has dedicated a large portion of his career to researching fatal conveniences—common products and ways of living that are slowly and cumulatively disrupting our hormones and diminishing our health. In his new book, Fatal Conveniences, Darin writes about how common household objects like dental floss, laundry detergent, and mattresses often contain environmental toxins that are wreaking havoc on our bodies.

On today’s show, he’s sharing some of the common fatal conveniences that you might be regularly exposed to, including herbicides and pesticides, plastic, fragrance, EMFs, and much more. You’re going to learn how to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals and how to become more empowered and conscious about your food, water, and household products. I hope you enjoy this interview with Darin Olien!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What forever chemicals are and how they affect the body.
  • The percentage of the average American’s diet that is made up of ultra-processed foods.
  • How the advent of glyphosate changed our food system.
  • Accessible ways to clean your produce.
  • The problem with plastic packaging on fruits and vegetables.
  • How many personal care products the average woman uses daily.
  • Common household products that contain harmful chemicals.
  • The connection between microplastics and declining sperm counts.
  • What to consider about EMFs.
  • The link between BPA and fertility.
  • What an accumulative body burden is.
  • The definition of greenwashing.
  • How growing your own produce can reduce your chemical exposure.
  • The sneaky chemicals hiding in common floss brands.
  • What fragrance actually is.
  • The number one way to begin reducing your toxic load.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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