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The beauty of creating a routine that supports your wellness is that aside from a few basic tenets, you can choose what types of practices fit your preferences and lifestyle. If you have access to a sauna, it can be an efficient means to reduce stress, enhance recovery, and lower inflammation. Although sauna therapy has been a tradition in certain cultures for thousands of years, it’s also a current trend in the wellness space due to its numerous science-backed health benefits. When my friend, Prince EA, had the idea to start a podcast in a sauna, I was happy to have a conversation with him about all things health.

On today’s show, you’re going to hear my interview with Prince EA’s new podcast, Sauna Sessions. We’re going to cover a wide variety of health topics like how vitamin D impacts your hormones, how hydration plays a role in brain function, and simple rules for healthy eating. We’ll talk about the studies behind declining fertility rates and what you can do to boost your reproductive health. You’ll also learn about how environmental factors like epicaloric controllers and epigenetic controls can influence your weight and risk for disease.

In this interview, I’ll be sharing some of my personal story of regaining my health, my current fitness routine and how it can fluctuate, and my philosophy on supplementation. We’re also going to cover some nutrition basics, the number one exercise for human health, simple biohacks you can incorporate into your routine, and so much more. This episode is packed with tons of insights you can use to take action on your health today! I hope you enjoy my interview from Sauna Sessions with Prince Ea.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The health benefits of sauna therapy.
  • How spending time in the sun can improve your hormones.
  • The best foods for boosting your vitamin D levels.
  • What percentage of Americans suffer from chronic illnesses.
  • How epigenetic controllers and epicaloric controllers impact your health.
  • My current fitness routine.
  • Which exercises are essential for human health.
  • The shocking rates of infertility.
  • How walking and testosterone levels are linked.
  • Which processes in the body are negatively affected by dehydration.
  • What percentage of the brain is made of water.
  • How the glymphatic system works.
  • What water induced thermogenesis is.
  • A hierarchy of healthy water sources.
  • How excessive hand sanitizer use can put your health at risk.
  • What chronobiology is.
  • Two tips for healthy eating.
  • My personal stance on supplements.
  • Three biohacks you need to know to enhance your health.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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