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When you think about the benefits of regular physical activity, what comes to mind first? While many folks might exercise to drop a pants size or grow bigger biceps, the true benefits of being physically active extend far beyond vanity metrics. Exercising regularly can improve your immune function, reduce the risk of multiple diseases, improve your brain health, and so much more.

On this episode of The Model Health Show, we’re going to dive into the real, science-backed benefits of engaging in regular exercise, beyond the physical side effects like weight loss. You’re going to learn more about the multitude of ways that exercise can impact your health and well-being, including how exercise is protective against the top causes of absenteeism in the workplace, and how movement impacts longevity and cognitive ability.

If you want to change your relationship with exercise, you have to understand its inherent value. No matter what your physical body looks like, regular activity can help you improve your functionality, mental health, and overall quality of life. I hope you enjoy this episode on the comprehensive benefits of exercise!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why your health is your most valuable asset.
  • How exercise acts as an epigenetic controller.
  • The number one cause of absenteeism in the workplace.
  • How exercise measures up against conventional treatments of depression.
  • Why regular physical activity can increase your resilience.
  • How movement can improve your immune response and reduce inflammation.
  • Two types of training that can reduce risk of injuries.
  • Why being fit is a superpower.
  • How your lymphatic system works, and why movement is essential for its function.
  • The impacts of exercise on brain plasticity.
  • How strength training affects long-term memory.
  • The connection between walking and dementia risk.
  • Why walking is a wonder drug.
  • Specific forms of exercise to engage in to improve your health.
  • How walking can extend your lifespan.
  • Why play is an underrated form of exercise for health and happiness.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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